Eric Waugh paints 200,000 Hearts in Massive Artwork to Honor Covid-19 Victims

I just completed a 16' x 28' work of art titled, "Hearts and Stripes", made up of 200,000 painted hearts representing the 200,000 Americans that have lost their lives due to Covid-19.


As an artist, I wanted to honor the poor souls who passed away and at the same time create a tool that can be used to emphasize the fact that wearing a mask and social distancing is going to save lives. Otherwise, I will have to paint another painting with 200,000 hearts by the end of the year!

Collection of paintings created on Azamara Club Cruises

Flamenco Dancer. Barcelona, Spain


Highlights of Eric Waugh's 243 day artistic voyage onboard Azamara Quest. Follow Eric as he travels to 38 countries from Athens, Greece to Miami, Florida and everywhere in between.

Image Again.  The making of the largest portrait of John Lennon ever created.

City Dance

Arabian Beauty

Coka Cola Santa

True Bloods Kristin Bauer

West Island Cancer Wellness Benefit

The World's Largest Painting

Diana Ross

Kool and the Gang

Eric Paints LIVE in DOHA, QATAR

Jimmy Fallon portrait made from 80 Tim Hortons coffee cups

Waugh paints LIVE to Lou Gramm the Voice of Foreigner at the 2014 Rochester Jazz Fest.

Derek Morris 1000


Eric Creates a portrait of Lou Gramm